Scotland Rugby On The Rise

Rob Wainwright, the former captain of the rugby team in the country, seemed to have enjoyed watching the revival of the team that took place in a recent match.

Rib has wanted a big change to come by in the country’s team and performance and he had stated so in many places. After 2014 things have been working for the better for the country’s rugby team. Rob is delighted that his friends are in charge of bringing about the change in the team’s performance.

Rob, who comes from the island of Coll, feels that he is not in any position to exert influence on the Scottish rugby team. The sport as well as the national team reached a new low in a few past performances and that is when he felt that he had to take some action. Rob, having been part of the British Lion and the captain of the Scotland team, felt frustrated when he saw the team perform in 2014 at Murrayfield.

At that time, England won the cup and the hosts did not even win a point. At such a juncture Rob felt that he owed his team some action and initiative from his side. Since then there has been several changes and improvements in the team. As he surveys the recent Scottish rugby team he feels delight in seeing the improvements that have come about.

Indeed, the team even ended up at the World Cup and they came close to performing in the semifinals even. That was certainly a feat for the national team. They have also done well in the games of the Six Nations. They were able to secure victories over countries like France and Italy, which speaks well of the vigor and verve that has come into the team’s performance.