Scotland Rugby Team

Four of Scotland’s biggest rugby stars visited Montrose Rugby Club, where they interacted with the children there, and tried to motivate them to follow in their footsteps.

Scotland rugby star record holder Chris Paterson, along with big guns Matt Scott, Michael Fedo and Chris Dean visited the club, as part of a program which ensures that supports local rugby clubs, and helps them to advance with great progress in to the future.

Apart from these four from the Scotland rugby scene, there were some more players, who participated in the welfare event. They played games, gave signatures, and there were photo sessions with the players, where the youngsters got a chance to click pictures with the players. And what is more, apart from the players being there, there was the Six Nations Trophy as well. So this generated a huge amount of excitement with the youngsters at the club, who, needless to say, will be aspiring high for themselves in the future.

Being chosen as one of the RBS RugbyForce clubs, Montrose has really grown in the past years, and this inclusion in the RugbyForce has really helped the progress of the rugby scenario in the Montrose region a great deal. And the best part about the Montrose club is that, there will be many junior divisions for both boys and girls, and they will be starting from primary till under-18. So this is indeed a very promising factor for Scotland rugby, as many great future players might just be trained from here.

And coupled with these programs, young players can interact with the greats, enjoy with them, and most importantly, learn from them how to make it big in the Scotland rugby circuit, and make a name for themselves, and become a great rugby player one day in the future.