Police looking for Irish rugby fans

Police are looking for a few Ireland rugby supporters after a passenger was drummed up on a train after a Six Nations rugby match. The duo are believed to have roomed a carriage in South London after going to the Ireland and England match on 27th February, in Twickenham.

The officers told that one of the men vomited on the floor and another complaint came from a 58 year old passenger.

Sarah Garden, the Detective Sergeant, told that the victim was assaulted after taking consequence with one of the men who was vomiting on the floor. He was pushed and punched to the floor by the men who just ceased their attack when other passengers interposed.

Det Sgt Garden told that officers saw CCTV from the train between East Grinstead and Victoria and distributed photographs on local police intelligence nets. The victim had bruises and cuts to his face and went to hospital for assessment. It was very fortunate that his injuries were not that serious.

He added that the scopes of turning a victim of violent crime are very low on the rail network and they work hard to make sure that the railway stays a safe place.

Police have already contacted other departments who could help them in their investigation. As of now, police have not received any updated information regarding the offenders from any side.