Scotland Rugby Teams Clear Off Differences

It might seem ironical but often teams with a common base have more in conflict than teams of different regions, for instance the conflicts that arose between Scottish Rugby and London Scottish.

Both the teams had some differences but now they have resolved the matter. It has been decided that Sean Lineen will second London Scottish as decided before. The partnership between the two teams has been resurrected and will continue for the next season. The governing body however, has committed to a small financial commitment to the partnership.

There had been concerns raised by SRU about the financial inputs for both clubs. However, the conflicts have been blown over and it is now being agreed upon that the concerns are legitimate and need to be addressed. The relationship between the two teams started off in January as a trail. Sean Lineen was to be the director of rugby for the partnership.

He is known to spearhead the age grade program of Scotland as well. There are a handful of players who have been taken on loan from different teams and Roddy Grant would be the coaching staff who had served as a forward for Scotland team before.

The recent agreement shows that the governing body would be getting eight players on loan than the standard 14. The team also wishes to clear off the air of doubt about the partnership that might be throwing a cloud on the possibilities of the team. The partnership hopes to provide opportunities for the players to play at Championship levels. The concerns raised by the Scottish Rugby are being considered but at the same time, the partnership will be moving ahead and preparing the players for matches in the future. Scotland teams and enthusiasts can look forward to more opportunities as a result of this partnership.