Scotland Rugby Team Seems Potential Contender For Six Nations 2015 Trophy

Scotland rugby team shows the potential to be a tough contender in the upcoming Six Nations and if everything goes well has every chance to clinch the coveted champion’s trophy at the esteemed championship.

Yes, it’s true that the Scottish team were badly nailed by South Africa & Australia at Autumn Series last year. It’s also true that they showed up with a very meek performance against the English rugby squad in the early quarter of 2014 & had a disastrous fate with Wales team which even had Stuart Hogg red carded during Six Nations 2014.

But then again, according to experts, the Scottish team carry this potential to come up with the winning trophy at the 2015 Six Nations. The confidence is mostly because of the tutelage of the great coach Vern Cotter who has proved to be a very powerful guiding force for the Scott rugby guys in the recent times. The brilliant coach has been a huge motivator for the Scottish guys who have come up with this novel approach of boosting up their spirit by showing winning footages of Scottish sportsmen from other sports as well

In fact, since his joining with the team a few months back, the Scottish squad have displayed certain positive changes that further reinforce their potenti8al as a tentative champ of the Six Nations trophy the coming year.
The New Scotland today is bustling with a great pool of youngsters who have brought strong zeal and enthusiasm in the team. They are playing their matches at top level with top stakes and have proved their potential to succeed even under huge pressure and that too on regular basis. A huge aspect to note about the Scott squad is that a great load of current players from the core team are now pretty used to win major games.