Scotland Rugby Team Disappointed After Losing To Italian Rugby Team

Scotland Rugby team had to face hard times before but it was never as bad as it is at present.

The Scotland Rugby team was defeated in their match against Italy which was held on Saturday, 28th February at Murrayfield Stadium. The final score of the Scottish team was 19 while that of their opponent, Italy was 22.

The defeat is being considered by some as humiliating for the Scottish team. As a result of losing that match, the Scotland Rugby Team is currently at the lowest position in the League Table of 2015 Six Nations Rugby.

Before this match the team was certain that good days for Scottish Rugby lay ahead but they can’t say that now. The 53 years old Vernon Cotter from New Zealand is, at present, the coach of the Scottish Rugby Team. The team is at present in a very bad position.

They will be in Twickenham after fourteen days to compete against England for the Calcutta Club. The team lost a match to the Italian Rugby Team in their home ground once before and the repetition of the same in this year’s Six Nations is obviously quite embarrassing for the team. In this match, the Scottish Rugby team was likely to become the winner but eventually the Italian Rugby team got the better of them.

The 29 years old Greig Laidlaw, who is the captain of the Scottish team, has said that it was indeed a very disappointing experience for him. He said that their start was indeed very good but they committed a number of mistakes on the field which were taken advantage of by the opponent team on account of which it became easier for the Italian Rugby team to become the winner. He said that in the beginning their lead was good enough for them to win the match comfortably. He said that the team is disappointed at this defeat