Andy Robinson of the Scotland rugby team is quite jovial and happy about the New Year and feels that there is quite a prospect of growth and success for Scotland.

In his New Year message addressed to all the Scotland supporters, he says that this New Year is all about making sure that the club engages in all the age old rivalries formed on the rugby field.

The first match of this New Year with England is definitely filled with a lot of excitement as the fans have not lost their interest in buying the tickets for the match.

Andy definitely promises that the Scotland Rugby team is going to put up a tough competition with the nearest neighbors in what seems to be a grappling encounter.

With this promise, he hopes that the fans grow in the urge and hope and believe in the Scotland team as without their support, the team players do not have the confidence to go and put on a strong and competitive game filled with loads of excitement.

The next game that the Scotland rugby team will be encountering this year is against the last year’s world cup finalists, France and he is sure that with the practice and skills, Scotland will definitely give a tough competition to the champion’s.

However, he hopes that the supporters sport up some form of blue jersey or even a hat pr anything which represents Scotland in some way or the other. Having a full house audience to support them is also on the cards to make sure that they have a full crowd of audience supporting them on every move.

Andy wants the world to know that their supporters believe in the team and are ready to be by their side wherever they go.